Sorry, But HEROES REBORN Is Real And Now Has A Teaser

A mixture of new, old, and bad.

I’m getting mean right off the bat with this one. So let me apologize in advance: I do not have strong positive feelings about Heroes. Regardless of which iteration we’re talking about, I’m not into it.

Maybe some of you are, and for those souls, I offer this teaser that I just made for the upcoming Heroes Reborn. Yep! I worked very hard on it and yet still think it looks kind of goofy.

Actually, I didn’t make it, and aspects of it look okay. The superhero effects, for instance, aren’t that bad for TV. And if you’re into returning characters, they give you a couple to anticipate. If you’re into new characters, you get a bunch of those too. If you like randomly dropped-in, hyper-realistic cinematography, you should also be pleased.

Heroes Reborn hits NBC this fall. I’m not getting burned again, but feel free to knock yourself out.