We Hate These iOS Hijacks Too

Some words on the irritating mobile experience.

I had to write this exact same thing a couple of years ago and I'm furious that I have to write it again, but here we are. First of all: my apologies to everyone visiting this site via mobile and having their browsers hijacked to the app store. It is a shitty experience and it is frustrating and it also happens to me. 

Sadly there isn't a lot we can do about it. This is the return of a problem we - and many much larger sites - have experienced before and hoped to have fixed. Basically the problem is that a shifty third party ad seller who places ads with networks like the one we use to populate our site smuggles in a line of code that hijacks your browser. They often do this without the knowledge of the app that's being advertised, as they hope to just get enough forced clickthroughs to rack up some money quickly. 

You can read more about it here.

Basically at this point the ball is in the court of Apple and Android to make it impossible for the browser to automatically open the App Store. That was supposed to have been addressed in iOS8, but it looks like the fix didn't take. 

In the meantime please use this thread to report which ads are hijacking you (if you can) and to upload screenshots of the apps to which you are redirected. We can send this info to our ad network and hopefully they can remove the most insidious ads.

I do hope this doesn't force your hand into blocking ads on this site. Right now advertising is our only form of revenue; while we hope to change that in the future right now ads are how we keep the lights on and pay our staff. Nobody here is making a fortune, so your blocking of our ads can really make a strong negative difference!

Thanks for your patience with this irritating plague. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.