FANTASTIC FOUR Pulls In Kanye West For Latest TV Spot

No one commercial should have all this power.

Advertising is evil, but advertising is also interesting. It's fascinating to see what a difference something like music can have on how we process an ad. Think back to the earliest Fantastic Four promos and trailers and how morose they all seemed, cut with melancholy music and edited to seem grim and mournful. Compare that to the new TV spot for the film, which has Kanye West's Power playing over it and is edited to emphasize the excitement. 

Of course that's just filmmaking - how you edit the same footage, what music you put over it, impacts how it feels. But I'm fascinated by how that is used in marketing. This TV spot makes me want to see the movie; what's more it makes the movie seem fresh, despite it being the third Fantastic Four film of the last few years. It's that Kanye track, a great song (that is newish but not so new that it is unfamiliar to the olds in the audience, like me) combined with the 'next generation' verbiage that implicitly places this as unlike the decade old Marvel Cinematic Universe (despite this being the First Family of Marvel!) - lean heavily on cool FX shots of powers in use and the whole vibe of Fantastic Four is different from the earliest footage. 

By the way, recent images have confirmed something: not only does The Thing not wear any pants in this movie, he has no dick.