So Is HELLBOY 3 Happening Or Not?

Ron Perlman seems to think it is.

Regardless of Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman’s wishes, a Hellboy 3 never seemed like much of a safe bet. These aren’t really big blockbusters, and del Toro is always super busy. Yet every once in a while, news will pop up that it could still happen. Then news will pop up saying it’s definitely not happening. We’re all stuck in the middle like a bunch of dumb assholes.

Today, Hellboy 3’s sudden leap toward the realm of the possible comes via Ron Perlman, who posted this to his Instagram feed:


Lurking... Waiting... And then, poof... One more Roman numeral after the name... As if by magic...........

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How much is this worth? Actors talk all the time about things they want to do, but actually claiming that this is actually happening “as if by magic” seems way too confident to be just another shared dream. Then again, it could all be a big bluff. Also, tomorrow we could get hit by an asteroid.

If they do make a Hellboy 3, the idea we’ve heard of so far would involve Hellboy becoming a beast of the Apocalypse in order to save the world (somehow). I’d love to see it, but I’m still not confident this is going to happen.