It's pledge week on The Canon.

This week The Canon pits two beloved college frat comedies against each other. On one side it's Animal House, the seminal snobs versus slobs comedy from John Landis, and on the other it's Revenge of the Nerds, the prescient nerd-power romp. 

I didn't expect this episode to get this heated, but man did it ever. It turns out I hate Revenge of the Nerds, and I have, over the last few years, grown to find it absolutely morally reprehensible. Like, not even in a fun way. In this episode I call it the ur-text for GamerGate, and I really mean that - the genesis of bad nerd behavior is here, not Mallrats, as I had previously believed. 

Animal House, meanwhile - well, I LOVE the movie. I've seen it a lot and I rewatched it for this episode and found it as endlessly funny as the first time I watched it. Comic DC Pierson put it perfectly on twitter (and I'm paraphrasing, so this won't be perfect): it's a very well-known movie that is somehow still underrated. 

But now it's up to you. Listen to the episode and then go here to place your vote. 

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By the way, the son of the director of Revenge of the Nerds reached out to him for comment on this clash of the titans. Here's what he had to say (PMS is his producer):