Update Your MCU Infographics, GUARDIANS 2 Has A Title

It's "VOLUME 2"

They've been playing coy with the title of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, but they couldn't keep the secret. It leaked this weekend at the Ant-Man junket and it is:

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

It's cute in that it references the "Awesome Mix Vol. 2" that Star-Lord gets at the end of the first film, but I'm sort of underwhelmed. I don't like numerical sequel titles! I like evocative sequel titles that are full of mystery, intrigue and hints. I like when a comic book movie takes its title from a run of the series and then we get to bat it around and play with it. Volume 2 tells us absolutely nothing about Guardians 2

But hey, it's just the title. The movie is the movie, by whatever name. I'm excited for the content of the film, even if I'm bummed that this announcement didn't send me scurrying to the back issues to do all sorts of research, which I love.