A Sneaky Look At The STAR TREK BEYOND Costumes

And confirmation of the title.

JJ Abrams is spinning in his grave. Justin Lin, the new director of the Star Trek franchise, has Instagrammed a picture from the set of Star Trek Beyond, revealing the new insignia patch for the movie, and possibly new costumes. An Instagram reveal? A confirmation of the title? A tiny look at a costume? These are not the Bad Robot way! JJ made the cast wear cloaks to and from set, even though their costumes looked more or less exactly like the original series costumes. 



Let the next Starfleet voyage begin! #StarTrekBeyond #LLAP

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It's unclear where this patch is on a Starfleet uniform. TrekMovie points out that a similar patch could be seen on the shoulders of specific uniforms in Star Trek Into Darkness, so this doesn't mean it's a brand new uniform or anything. 

What it is is a refreshing peek inside the new movie, something fans did not get on the first two films. This indicates that Justin Lin isn't going to treat this one like a sacred mystery and maybe just treat it like a regular movie. What a change of pace.