Austin! Come See Old Murder House Theater’s JAWS: LIVE Next Month!

The team behind JURASSIC PARK LIVE and ALIENS ON ICE is back, and people are gonna get wet.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's Jaws, which means it's a great time to be a Jaws superfan. All manner of cool events have been happening in celebration of the film's 40th birthday - Fathom Events put the film back in theaters for a few nights, the Alamo Drafthouse and the Rolling Roadshow are bringing back their infamous Jaws On The Water event - but the one I'm most excited about has to be Old Murder House Theater's Jaws: Live

Like Austin's legendary Master Pancake Theater or the Drafthouse's long-running Quote-Along series, simple description does not do Old Murder House Theater justice. In basic terms, Old Murder House Theater is a troupe of extremely funny Austin performers who adapt popular genre films for the stage (or, as was the case with Aliens On Ice, for an ice skating rink). Their shows feature homemade props and elaborately-designed sets (often constructed from decidedly lo-fi materials), and a wicked sense of humor that pays homage to the films they're adapting while gently roasting them.

Here. Just take a look at this footage from Jurassic Park: Live, which Old Murder House Theater toured the country with several years ago:

Every Old Murder House Theater show I've caught has been a joyous, hilarious spectacle, and I have total faith that their latest show, Jaws: Live, will continue that legacy.

Featuring performances from Byron Brown, Kirk Johnson, John Merriman, Nathan Sakulich, Carlos Larotta, and Zero Charisma's Sam Eidson, Jaws: Live hits the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin, TX across four nights (July 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th) starting next weekend. Tickets are on sale via TicketBud right now for the absolutely-reasonable price of just $20, and buyers have the option of picking up "General Admission" seats or - intriguingly - seats within the "Splash Zone" ("You'll get front row at the show, but you'll probably get wet"). If you're in town on any of these dates, a Jaws fan, and have twenty bones to spare, I cannot imagine a better use of your time/money. This show's going to be great. 

Check out the show flier (and a promotional photo) below and visit TicketBud now to pick up tickets. They're probably not going to last long.