See Chris Pratt As Jason Statham In This SNL Cut For Time Sketch

I want some Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums Jason Drinkums Steakum Water.

SNL has been doing this thing lately where they put up sketches that were cut for time. Sometimes you can tell why they were cut. Sometimes it’s a total mystery. And occasionally you get the idea they purposely held something back so it’ll have an easier time going viral when they do release it (I’m looking at you "Inner White Girl").

I don’t know where this sketch from Chris Pratt’s episode falls on that spectrum. There’s a huge novelty to seeing Chris Pratt do an impression of Jason Statham, but like a lot of Saturday Night Live, it’s not quite as funny as such a wonderful premise should be.

Pratt’s impression isn’t bad, actually. He seems a couple more attempts away from doing something amazing with it. The voice isn’t quite there, but you can see him doing stuff with his face that feels close to approximating Statham at times. It all makes me want to see someone really knock a Statham impression out of the park.

And I have to admit, I’m a huge sucker for stupid wordplay like “Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums Jason Drinkums Steakum Water.” Were that to actually exist, I’m fairly certain I would have a bottle on display at my place forever.

(via /Film)