LONDON HAS FALLEN Gets An Explosion-Heavy Teaser Trailer

Kaboom! Everything goes kaboom!

Well here it is, our first look at London Has Fallen. I imagine a full trailer is coming soon, but for now this is what we have to get by on.

I think this trailer assumes we all love Olympus Has Fallen to such an extent that we’ll be excited just for London Has Fallen’s existence. That’s true for me, but I feel like few others will be swayed by this series of dramatic, slow-motion shots of things blowing up. Give me something! A Butler quip, a headstab, something! I can see buildings blowing up any old time. Heck, there's one blowing up down the street right now.

A teaser is just a teaser, though. I have to have faith that this movie contains scenes of worth, even if those scenes only end up offering unintentionally hilarious worth. Sorry to rain everyone’s parade, but I woke up to this trailer with great anticipation, and when it was over I was desperate to go back to sleep.