The STEVE JOBS Trailer Shows A Great Man With An Iffy Accent

America's latest beloved asshole gets the spotlight in a new Danny Boyle film.

I don't like Steve Jobs! I am not a fan, I don't think he did anything that anyone else couldn't have done, and I think he was such a profound jerk that even the stuff he did - which mostly boils down to making things easier, as opposed to actually making new things - doesn't mitigate his enormous jerkiness. 

Which means I like what I'm seeing in this new trailer for Steve Jobs, with Danny Boyle directing from an Aaron Sorkin script. I like that it is leaning heavily on what a shit Jobs was, and that it has a back and forth calling into question what it even is that he does. I like that A Serious Man gets a good zinger in on Jobs. Of course it's a Sorkin script, so that means in the end it'll be all about how sometimes Tough Men are needed to do Good Work and all that, but hell, it'll be well-written and crackling at the very least. 

I'm still not so sure about Michael Fassbender as Jobs. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, think he's a great actor... but is he Steve Jobs? And his accent is another thing; Fassbender continues to have a hard time with an American accent. It just doesn't sound right, he lilts too much. There's no shame in that - I can't do a decent accent to save my life - but it is distracting as hell. Combine his non-Jobs physicality with his accent and I feel like Fassbender is playing someone who is most definitely not Steve Jobs.