You’re A Real Pal, Nurse Nancy: The WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Trailer Is Here

In which Paul Rudd makes the most magnificent entrance of all time.

I might never stop laughing at the way Paul Rudd pronounces the words "long, greasy dick." 

Good lord, this is good. The trailer for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer prequel The First Day of Camp hits that perfect loose, absurd, intensely weird tone of the original, a tone I rather feared would be lost in this star-studded new series. But even the over-populated cast list is given a Wet Hot-style goosing with all of the "and also"s and "don't forget"s and "plus this guy"s. 

I want it! I want it right now! But I suppose I can wait until the end of the month. All episodes arrive July 31, and I'll be reviewing them shortly thereafter. Take a look at the face-filled new poster.