Hey, There Are Going To Be Other People In Paul Feig’s GHOSTBUSTERS, You Know

And here are three of them!

The big word on Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters movie is that it’s going to be an “all-female” Ghostbusters. Hogwash. We already know Chris Hemsworth is going to be in it, and in most countries he is not considered a girl.

Now we have three more actors in the film, none of which are ladies. According to The Wrap, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, and Andy Garcia will join in on the fun. Williams is playing someone named Hawkins. Walsh is playing someone named Rourke. What exciting character names!

As for Garcia, he’ll be playing the Mayor of New York. I honestly thought he already was Mayor of New York. New York needs to step it up a bit.

And just in case everyone thought this movie was going to be a bunch of non-scientific comedy hijinks, check out this annotated version of the new proton pack Paul Feig tweeted today:

That's the sort of thing that should have you excited for this film. Plus, it also means we should all be able to hit Home Depot and make packs of our own.

Ghostbusters comes out July 22.