Now I’m Hearing Chris Pine For GREEN LANTERN Too

A follow-up to the Chris Pine in the DC Movieverse rumors.

I think I'm going to owe Latino Review an apology. A week or so ago the site reported that the role Chris Pine is up for in the DC Movieverse is actually Hal Jordan for Justice League and a rebooted Green Lantern (to feature multiple Earther Green Lanterns), which flew in the face of reports from the trades that Pine would play Steve Trevor, the love interest in Wonder Woman. It seemed weird to me at the time - how could the trades have this story so very wrong? - and I cautioned all to take the scoop with a heaping of salt. 

But this weekend I talked to someone close to Chris Pine who confirmed that the actor is in fact up for Hal Jordan. And that he had been offered Steve Trevor. But most of all the source told me that, as of end of business Thursday, Pine hadn't officially signed on to anything - despite Warner Bros wanting him to come out on stage at Comic Con this weekend. 

I don't know what it means that Pine was offered two very different roles in two different movies in the same connected universe. Are the individual films actually competing for talent? Is Green Lantern trying to snipe Pine away from Wonder Woman? Or has Warner Bros offered Pine multiple choices? Beats me, but either way it seems weird. 

My source tells me that Pine is definitely leaning towards Green Lantern - better to have your own franchise than be guesting in someone else's seems to be the (bummer) thinking - but it looks like we won't officially know until the Warner Bros panel at Comic-Con.