The Canon Episode 34: BATTLE ROYALE

It's a left of center choice for the first Japanese nomination.

Last week we told you we were going on a brief vacation - we lied! We found time to record another episode of The Canon... but now we're going on a brief vacation. 

This week's episode is about Battle Royale, which means you'll get to hear us struggle to pronounce Japanese words and names. We knew it was time to induct some Japanese cinema, but we didn't want to go all fuddy-duddy, like we had with Italian and French cinema. It was decided that it would be nice to tackle something a little fun. 

A legendarily controversial movie, Battle Royale is seen by many as the basic inspiration for The Hunger Games, so we definitely go off on a few tangents there. Also tangentialized: Japanese history post-WWII, other Japanese filmmakers, yakuza movies and whether or not violence in film is fun and can make you a bad person. 

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