Harry Shearer Picks Up The Phone For More Of THE SIMPSONS

You can’t keep a good guy down!

Months ago the world shook and rattled with the controversial exit of Harry Shearer from The Simpsons. This was sort of a big deal because Harry Shearer voices approximately 1,000 characters from that show, and gets paid a billion dollars a month to do that job. Were they going to replace him? Retire the characters? Who knew!

Fortunately, none of that will be an issue. Shearer is back, for the next two seasons at least. According to Entertainment Weekly, this whole thing had less to do with money disputes and more to do with Shearer feeling like he couldn’t do other projects. Now that has been solved (with confirmation from Simpsons executive producer Al Jean that Shearer records his lines over the phone, which is about as goddamn baller as it gets), and Shearer momentarily has no problem returning.

This resolved itself within a window that allows The Simpsons to go on without having to air any Shearer-less episodes, which is a shame because I think at least one of those would have been a fun novelty.