SNL Writer Cast As The GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot Villain

Find out what form his villainy takes!

Paul Feig's reboot of Ghostbusters is shooting right now, and more cast members are still joining. The latest addition: Saturday Night Live writer and star of the short Secret Santa Buttplugs Neil Casey as the villain. 

Who is the villain? Well, I happen to know about this - at least up to the December 2014 draft of the film.

The slightest of spoilers to follow!

The part I'm assuming Casey is playing is Rowan Elgin, a role written for Peter Dinklage. Elgin is a troll who spends his days antagonizing a call-in radio advice doctor as well as working on a secret machine. That machine is placed beneath the Chrysler Building to tear open a hole in reality and begin an invasion. There are ghost T-Rexs, a Times Square magically returned to the porno days and eventually a giant horned demon. 

It's a major role, and will bring Casey into contact with some serious FX business. Will it work? Well, I'm not a huge fan of this script, but hopefully some stuff has changed in the last seven months...