Marisa Tomei May Be SPIDER-MAN’s Aunt May

The MCU might be gaining an Oscar-winner.

Big casting news for Marvel/Sony's upcoming Spider-Man re-re-boot: Variety reports that Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei is Marvel's first choice to play Aunt May to Tom Holland's Peter Parker. As of right now, no one's confirming anything, but the word on the street is that an offer went out to Tomei just last week. If that's true, we'll probably get confirmation - one way or another - very soon.

Anyway, Holland's stepping into the Webslinger's unforgivably clingy tights, Cop Car's Jon Watts is definitely onboard to direct, and Marisa Tomei may or may not end up being fitted for one of Aunt May's sensible sweaters, but what about the script? Spider-Man definitely needs one of those, right? Almost definitely! And Marvel's working on it, according to Variety's sources:

The studios are still in the process of finding a writer to join Watts in the screenwriting process but insiders explained that the top brass also wanted to lock down other actors who would appear in multiple films so schedules could be worked out before shooting commences next year.

Marvel's great with multi-tasking, especially when one of those tasks is locking actors into multi-film contracts. This all sounds par for the course. 

What do you guys think? Anyone in particular you're hoping will be brought on to script? How about the Tomei/May casting? Feeling it, or not so much?