SDCC: Get A Good Look At BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s Costumes

Straight from the SDCC floor and into your eyeballs.

Even as we speak, our intrepid editors Meredith Borders and Evan Saathoff are awash in humanity on the San Diego Comic-Con floor. Pray for them (especially Meredith; she's very small). They'll be relaying a steady stream of SDCC updates to us all week long, and the first of those updates has just arrived: an up close and personal look at some of the costumes from Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Let's start with Wonder Woman, because...y'know, ladies first!

Dark. Leathery. Strappy. Wish it was brighter. Like Superman's duds:

Looks like this one's undergone a few changes since Man Of Steel, but I could be wrong. Let's be honest: it's been a while since I watched it.

Now let's look at Batman's get-up(s).

Say what you will about the film's grimdark trailer (or, indeed, the jet-black self-seriousness that's threatening to overwhelm the entire DCU before it even gets off the ground): I think both of these are pretty cool. 

Both costumes appear to have been inspired by the designs glimpsed in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, particularly that Bat-armor. It's got the chunky chin-strap, the stubby ears, the thick, metal gauntlets. It's about as perfect a facsimile of the Miller armor that we're ever likely to see. Here's what it looked like back in 1986:

So. What do you guys think? Feeling these designs, or not so much?