SDCC: DOCTOR WHO Panel Reveals Cool Season Nine Trailer

Fans get some new footage, but not much else.

While the idea of going to a big, fancy Hall H Doctor Who panel hosted by Comic-Con pro Chris Hardwick and featuring Steven Moffat, Michelle Gomez, Jenna Coleman, and of course Peter Capaldi, sounds pretty exciting, the actual panel offered very little in the way of news regarding the show’s upcoming ninth season. We learned that Clara and The Doctor are very much going to be co-pilots this year, and that Clara starts to teach the Doctor how to improve his social skills, but other than that everyone was pretty tight-lipped.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, however. The crew clearly enjoy each other and being involved with a show that has both a dedicated fanbase and a strong place in history. Plus, there were tons of gems like this:

Chris Hardwick: Why is [the Doctor] so enamored with humans?

Peter Capaldi: Budgetary reasons.

Not only that, but we also got to see an exciting teaser for season nine, which you can all check out below (and in the comfort of your own home instead of an ice cold room with chairs that automatically make your butt numb).

Yep. You got a weird zombie Uncle Sam and the Doctor plays guitar like an embarrassing drunk uncle. Then Maisie Williams shows up at the end to be all mysterious. Also, the Doctor has much longer hair this year.

Doctor Who season nine will begin airing September 19.