When In Morocco: Daniel Craig’s Callback Cosplay In SPECTRE

This ain't your daddy's 007, but he's dressed like your daddy's 007.

A few weeks ago, some hapless young man who’d got himself a job as a translator on the Morocco set of SPECTRE posted a photo of Daniel Craig’s back on Instagram, along with the subtle hashtag #actorsareassholes. While actors being assholes is not news, the sand-colored jacket 007 was sporting in the shot certainly was, at least to maniacs like myself, who pore over every single costuming detail from these damn movies. The Instagram post was soon deleted, as was the young man’s Instagram account. He’s probably dead now, honestly. But today another picture started being bounced around the web, and it offers a much better look at 007’s Morocco wardrobe.

Navy polo shirt? Check. (This one is by Tom Ford, made especially for the film, and it’s got a price tag of $620. Might I suggest the more affordable Sunspel polo from Casino Royale?  No one will know but you and me.) Polo shirts were big with Connery's Bond, and I like how they've been re-embraced by the franchise in the past nine years. Chinos? Check. (Manufacturer as yet unknown, but Craig’s Bond is setting some kind of chino record across four films. Dude loves himself some chinos.) Suede chukkas of some kind? Check. (Could be Crockett & Jones, could be Church’s Saharas. Buy some Clark’s and save your cash!) But the big ticket item on double-oh-clotheshorse up there is that leather jacket. I found a German site saying that Matchless is providing this jacket, and the site provided this photo:

That jacket hasn't been officially released yet, but I’d expect it to run about $800 - $1600. Aren't you glad you got the cheaper shoes now? Anyway, I don’t love this color (or any of the casual jackets I’ve seen in SPECTRE; say what you want about the plot holes, pacing issues, or troublesome sexual politics, but over the last three films, Craig’s jacket game has been strong). But what struck me about this photo and this outfit is that the last time 007 was in Morocco, he wore a very similar getup:

It’s as if the costume team on SPECTRE looked at Dalton’s wardrobe from the Tangier scenes of 1987's The Living Daylights and just said “good - now make everything TIGHTER!” Moments like this will whiz by for casual viewers (and they should), but I love these little sartorial callbacks. After all, what good is a 53 year-old franchise if you can’t play into the history and traditions a little? (Oh, and speaking of, I have it on good authority that my man Craig will be sporting an ivory dinner jacket in Morocco, the first time Bond’s worn one since 1985’s A View To A Kill.) What this trend of leaning into the past also means is that, should we be blessed with a fifth installment from Daniel Craig, we have the below outfits to which we might look forward. Fingers crossed.