SDCC: AGENT CARTER Season 2 Brings Us To Hollywood

With a wife for Jarvis and "a couple" of love interests for Peggy.

Today's Marvel TV panel was hosted by Jeph Loeb, and after a thrilling Season One sizzle reel, he brought out Agent Carter stars Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy, as well as writers/producers Michele Fazekas, Chris Dingess and Tara Butters. We learned that Agent Carter season 2 will head to Hollywood. It's the year 1947, six months after the events of the Season One finale, and Peggy's been called to Los Angeles to investigate a murder. Fazekas pointed out that 1947 is the year of the Black Dahlia, though she stopped short of saying anything more specific regarding the murder Peggy's investigating. Jarvis, it turns out, is already in Los Angeles, helping out Howard Stark and "as a hobby, he decided to start a movie studio."

We learned that in Season Two, we'll meet Jarvis' wife, and that “Peggy has put Steve’s memory to rest and has a couple of new opportunities." And Atwell declared her favorite line of the series, and one that sums up Peggy Carter's philosophy and what makes her so special: "I know my value." She said it's a line that has obviously resonated with fans across the world, and that Peggy Carter has "changed my life in remarkable ways. She's quite fearless."