SDCC: EW’s Brave New Warriors Offers A Bro-Tastic Good Time

A bunch of TV actors hang out and have some laughs.

(pic courtesy of EW)

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly got their hands on Hall H to put on their third annual “Brave New Warriors” panel. Hosted by EW West Coast News Editor Lynette Rice, the idea of the panel is to bring out six guys who currently have television roles of note, ask them some fun questions before turning things over to the audience, and basically have a good time.

This year’s panelists were Zachary Levi from the upcoming Heroes Reborn, Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead, Sam Heughan from Outlander, Jordan Gavaris from Orphan Black, Rob Kazinsky from The Frankenstein Code, and Kevin Durand from The Strain.

All these guys seemed pretty comfortable with each other right away, and we saw a lot of joking around as a result. The two running gags they loved most involved jokes about how tiny Jordan Gavaris is compared to everyone else on the panel and how awful Rob Kazinsky’s Australian accent was in Pacific Rim, though to be fair, both Kazinsky and Gavaris were first to point these things out, so they were kind of asking for it.

At one point, Rice asked if any of these not unattractive fellas had ever experienced sexism aimed at them in Hollywood, which prompted Rob Kazinsky to tell a seriously dark story about  a major (but unnamed) Hollywood bigwig who exploited him like that for quite some time before he finally put a stop to it. Then Kevin Durand told us about a girlfriend he had who came very close to being sexually exploited by a sleazy agent type when they both first moved to Hollywood. Things got seriously dark and real for a while, and it was interesting to see such blatant and unexpected sincerity all the sudden.

All in all, the Brave New Warriors panel felt like hanging out with a bunch of pals. They weren’t drinking beers, but it wouldn’t have seemed all that out of place if they were.