First Official Look At Marvel/Netflix’s JESSICA JONES (featuring Luke Cage!)

This show is on fire.

Marvel may not be at Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean they can’t drop an exciting still or two. Or five. Their Daredevil follow-up, Jessica Jones (the dropped the AKA) is on its way, which means that between its movies, TV shows and Netflix properties, Marvel’s calendar is now all but officially a year-round affair. While Daredevil dropped some scattered hints at Iron Fist, it appears Jessica Jones is going all-out with the character of Luke Cage, making him a major street-level player before he gets his own series sometime next year. And what a way to introduce him to the world:

Note: We received a cease & desist letter about these photos and have removed them at the photographer's request.

I feel bad about Cage kind of stealing the spotlight from Jones, but this is her show, so it’s probably to show us what kind of world we’re looking at. It definitely exists on the same level as Matt Murdock’s Hell’s Kitchen. We see the same gritty streets, and even a fire! That’s not something the Avengers are too concerned with, but the show also clearly has one foot in their universe, with a dude walking out of a blaze completely unscathed.

Traditionally Jones (Krystin Ritter) is a former superhero who becomes a private investigator. I don’t know how much the ‘former’ aspect will come into play here, but what I do have on good authority is that she kicks ass in the series right from the get go. In fact, she even throws a guy out of a window fairly early on, so while Cage (Mike Colter) is probably the muscle to her P.I., she can definitely hold her own. The two do end up together in the comics, though I suspect they’ll want to give them some breathing room at first.

Cage is equally important, the bullet-proof ‘Power Man’ who showed up in the comics not long after Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were shot. And while his Black Power aesthetic is something they show runners are likely to leave in the past, it seems just as meaningful for Marvel’s first African American lead to be a superhero whose power is that he’s impervious to bullets, given everything that’s been going on this past year.

All the various spinning plates in this pocket of the Marvel universe are going to eventually lead up to The Defenders in about three or four years, so it’ll be interesting to see how they lay the groundwork for it this early on. Jessica Jones hits Netflix later this year, followed by Luke Cage and Daredevil season 2 sometime in 2016.