SDCC: Could HANNIBAL Continue As Movie?

Bryan Fuller says they’re looking into it!

I’m neither Meredith nor Phil, but I’m still the knucklehead who’s going to tell you all about today’s lovely Hannibal Comic-Con panel. Don’t worry. I really like the show (though I’m two episodes behind right now).

Sadly, today’s Hannibal panel did not bring any concrete, relieving news about the show’s future. No one has swooped in to save it. But, Bryan Fuller did claim that they might continue the story as a feature film. He didn’t elaborate further except to say that all the actors are very interested in that possibility. Hope is hope, right? Better than nothing?

In addition to that, we all got to see an amazing trailer for what’s left of season three. Most of this revolved around Richard Armitage’s mostly nude take on Francis Dollarhyde. Among other things, we get to see him get his back tattoo, and it’s just as lovingly gross as you might imagine.

But the best footage was of course Will Graham speaking with a captured and encaged Hannibal Lecter. There is no way these scenes aren’t going to be mesmerizing given all that has come before. Hannibal’s captors appear to have given him a jail cell approximately 1,000,000 times more posh than my apartment, which is teaching me a very troubling moral lesson.

As far as news goes, Bryan Fuller, Richard Armitage, Hugh Dancy, and executive producer Martha De Laurentiis were pretty tight-lipped about what we’d see as the season progresses. They did promise that The Tooth Fairy’s sexual details would be retained in some fashion despite being on network television. Also Siouxsie and the Banshees have composed an original song which we will hear during the series finale.