SDCC: Hugh Jackman Is Currently PAN’s Only Hope

You will believe a movie pirate ship can fly. A lot.

By the time Warner Bros’ Pan panel (heh) had ended, Hall H had been treated to not one but three pieces of video featuring lovingly rendered footage of big pirate ships flying through the air. It was all very beautiful, but also provided a perfect example of how boring this stuff can get without emotional context. If I ever had a thing for flying pirate ships, I am cured of it now.

Except for one great bit, which I’ll get into in a moment, that was the Pan panel (again, heh) in a nutshell. Joe Wright, Levi Miller, Garret Hedlund and Hugh Jackman all came out and did their best to make the film sound interesting, but we weren’t given enough details to know why that might be the case. A lot of energy was spent on the film’s use of practical sets, particularly the four gigantic pirate ships they built for the film.

But with all that talk and footage, the only real spark came with a clip featuring a speech from Jackman’s Blackbeard. You all know how goofy he looks already. In practice, his mannerisms match his costume pretty well. The speech basically had to do with him promising his good slaves candy if they worked hard and death if they didn’t. But he gave it while slathering his hands with sanitizer. Good or bad, this might be a character worth remembering.

Other than that, though, Pan looks mostly empty. The imagery is undeniably beautiful, but it’s going to take more than that to get people excited about a Peter Pan prequel they didn’t really ask for.