This movie may need therapy.

I’m so glad I don’t have to describe today’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice footage because there is entirely too much crazy shit to highlight. Watch it below and have the time of your life:

I think I might be all alone on this, but this movie looks absolutely ridiculous. So much of it feels awesome, but the seriousness on display here crosses over into comic levels a number of times. This is especially true whenever Lex Luthor shows up, but also the couple times we see Superman and Bruce Wayne looking at things with their strongest “I want to kill you” faces. Plus, even Jeremy Irons’ Alfred gets a super sexy yet uneccessary makeover. Zack Snyder is determined to make us want to fuck absolutely every character.

Of course, a panel went along with this footage. We actually learned a lot. For instance, Gotham and Metropolis are now twin cities, separated by a bay. Not only that, but Snyder added an interesting class element by making Metropolis a home for the elite while Gotham houses a more downtrodden population. I like the way that plays into Bruce Wayne’s anger (and good grief, this guy is super super angry).

We were also treated to a story so great I have a difficult time believing it. Apparently Ben Affleck’s son wanted a Batman costume. So he went to a costume store. And wouldn’t you know it, he ran into Christian Bale, who was ALSO buying his son a Batman costume. So they’re standing there in the Batman section of a costume store. Affleck asks Bale if he has any advice. Bale responds, “Make sure you can piss in that suit.”

Back to the film, Snyder spoke briefly about the nature of Batman’s mech suit we’ve seen so much of now. Apparently, it’s not really built for offensive tactics but rather for defense only, giving Batman an opportunity to “kill time.” So don’t expect super Batrockets in Superman’s face or anything like that. Batman’s getting his ass knocked around big time; he’s just hoping to survive it, is all.

The enthusiasm for the footage and panel was of course off the charts. I got pretty excited, too, I have to admit. Snyder is incredible when it comes to this imagery. But I worry the film is going to be like a novel with an amazing cover surrounding a thousand blank pages. We’ll see when the film comes out March 2016.