SDCC: See iZOMBIE’s Season One Sizzle Reel

This show is so fun.

Yesterday Ballroom 20 closed with a panel for Rob Thomas' irreverent undead procedural iZombie, and they kicked it off with a sizzle reel from the charming first season. 

I really like the energy of iZombie, and while it's missing some of the edge that's marked Thomas' earlier shows, that's probably why it got renewed for a second season - and I'm certainly not going to complain about that. 

From the panel, we learned a few things about Season Two. Thomas half-joked about the ramifications of everyone's discovery of Liv's secret at the end of last season, "Everyone does hate Liv right now...It’s going to be a depressing art film next year.” We also learned that Blaine and Liv are going to make "strange bedfellows" next season, as they're on the defensive due to a new threat that's dwindling the zombie population of Seattle. 

iZombie returns to The CW October 6.