SDCC: The DEADPOOL Trailer Is Exactly What DEADPOOL Fans Want Out Of DEADPOOL

This was one rowdy panel.

Deadpool Director Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Ed Skrein and Gina Carano showed up for one of the rowdiest and most foul-mouthed panels Hall H has ever seen, preceded by a clip of Ryan Reynolds doing a more than passable "IN A WORLD..." trailer voice as the camera encroaches on a recliner-lounging Deadpool who says, "From the studio, that inexplicably sewed his mouth shut, they bring you...ME. Hall H, let's fucking do this."

The panel was hilarious and filled with lots of horse jokes (don't ask), but most importantly, we saw an extended, super red-band trailer that will probably make its way online soon. In the meantime:

We see Wade learn that he's dying of cancer, as his wife (Baccarin, as luminous as ever) tells him she loves him. A man asks Wade, "What if I told you we could make you better," and as he's lying in a hospital bed he's told his sense of humor won't survive "this." Wade replies, "Don't count on it, Posh Spice," then he refers to Gina Carano as "less angry Rosie O'Donnell." She knocks him out, and the next thing we see is Deadpool sitting on a bridge, listening to Salt N Pepa's "Shoop" while drawing a childlike sketch of himself knocking out a bad guy who's saying "ouchie."

He's confronted on the bridge by a troop of toughies, and says "You know why the suit is red? So bad guys can't see me bleed." Pointing to one of them, he chirps, "This guy has the right idea. He wore the brown pants!" Lots more jokes like that, half of which are very funny and half of which are pretty annoying.

Then we get a montage of legitimately great, bloody and impressively violent action, as Deadpool meets "cock gobbler" Colossus and "fucking great name"d Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

The best part is a scene where Wade sits down at a table with Weasel (TJ Miller as the Platonic ideal of TJ Miller) while sporting a grey, lumpy face, and they exchange descriptions of his hideous visage. "Like a testicle with teeth" and "like one avocado fucked another avocado" are my favorites.

In the trailer, Wade says about his prospective suit, "Just don't make it green. Or animated!" and that fits in with the theme of Reynolds/Deadpool shit-talking his previous superhero efforts, including the above "from the studio" joke. Also in this vein, Reynolds said on the panel, "He's the merc with the mouth, and at no point in this movie will his mouth ever be sewn shut." He also said, "I've only ever done one full, proper superhero movie before...well, not proper, but a superhero movie," so MEOW!

The crowd went insaaaane for this trailer, and I liked it a lot. Some of the wise-cracking and fourth wall-breaking might get old, but that's what the people want! And I have to agree with Reynolds who said, "I can't believe a studio's going to let us make a Deadpool movie...let alone an R-rated Deadpool movie." And boy is this ever R-rated.