SDCC: Warner Bros’ Green Lantern Film Will Be Called GREEN LANTERN CORPS

Looks like the whole Green Lantern crew will be hitting theaters in 2020.

Before the real meat and potatoes part of Warner Bros’ DC-related Hall H panels began today, we were treated to a lot of concept art and title cards for upcoming movies. One bit, for instance, showed a drawing of Wonder Woman fighting alongside American soldiers in WWII. It was awesome.

And then there was a title card for their upcoming Green Lantern movie, which, instead of just having the title Green Lantern, was actually called Green Lantern Corps. Unless they change their mind, this seems to indicate an official new title for their 2020 film. I mean, that’s a long time from now. They can change their mind all over the place.

But if they don’t, it seems almost axiomatic that people will be more excited about a Green Lantern film that focuses on the whole corps rather than just one fearless goofball. The galactic police force has always been my favorite part of the character’s mythos, and if nothing else, this seems to confirm that we’ll see more than one human Green Lantern when the time comes, which we can probably all agree is exciting news.