RUMOR: Ellie Goulding Just Recorded The SPECTRE Theme Song

Vague social media post by young woman sends grown men on a speculation spiral!

Is it that time of year already? When we start displaying our lack of understanding of showbiz and our own sketchy musical tastes by throwing names into the 007 Theme Song ring? I guess it is, as middle-aged men all over the world say "Why not Muse?" and "I think the Rolling Stones could give it a go" and "I don't care for new artists, really, but Radiohead would be aces!" And today it seems pop singer Ellie Goulding has either joined the discussion or ended it with the following two social media updates:

...which was followed that same day by:

Miss Goulding is a Sony-signed artist (apparently a prerequisite these days), so this could be legit, and we’ll find out soon enough if her super young-sounding, not terribly big voice is what we hear over the opening credits to SPECTRE later this year. In the meantime, read (and listen to!) my mostly still-intact article from 2012 about rejected Bond theme songs through the years. I think all the youtube links still work!