SDCC: ARROW’s Diggle And Oliver Both Get New Suits! Plus See The New Sizzle Reel

Diggle gets a costume, you guys! Like a real superhero!

Last night in Hall H we were treated to the DC TV presentation, which has for two years in a row been my favorite part of Comic-Con. Last year's was probably a little better, because I was introduced to The Flash, which has now become one of my favorite shows, and because Arrow's Stephen Amell emceed the event with charm and delight. This year's presentation was hosted by The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder, whose snark and low-energy brought down the proceedings a bit. But just a bit! This was a fun night. 

I live-tweeted tons more details from the evening, if you want to get into the nitty gritty. 

First up: Arrow. Stephen Amell came out onstage in his snazzy new suit, which you can see up top. “We’ve always said the progression for Oliver is very much from the Arrow to Green Arrow,” EP Greg Berlanti explained. 

Someone else getting a new suit (or, just a suit at all): John Diggle! You can sort of see it here, in my very grainy pic!


Diggle gets a costume for ARROW S4! #SDCC

A photo posted by Meredith Borders (@xymarla) on

A photo posted by Meredith Borders (@xymarla) on

We also learned of some characters heading to Starling/Star City next season: Anarky, "who might be familiar to Batman fans," and Mr. Terrific, who will become a good friend to Felicity. According to Berlanti, "Fans have been asking when we'll have another LGBT character, and our version of Mr. Terrific happens to be gay." 

Other tidbits from the panel:

We can "officially" call Thea "Speedy" now!

LOVE all of the talk of lighter Arrow for Season 4: EP Andrew Kreisberg said, "There's a little bit more fun this year, a little more humor." And producer Wendy Mericle added, "We get to see Oliver make some jokes in the lair." Amell: "We are going to move in a more Green Arrowy" direction, referring to the lighter take of the comics. I can't wait!

Check out the Season 3 sizzle reel below: