SDCC: Our Favorite Jokes From The SUPERNATURAL Panel

And there were plenty to choose from.

Every year at Comic Con, Meredith and I make a point of seeing the Sunday Supernatural panel in Hall H. Neither of us really watch the show anymore, but it’s always the con’s safest bet when it comes to laughing your ass off. These guys (specifically Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard, and Misha Collins) clearly have affection for each other, and really know how to fill a panel with great jokes and running gags.

This year was no exception. Moderated by former Supernatural actors Richard Speight, Jr. (who played the Trickster) and Rob Benedict (who played Chuck Shurely), this year’s panel didn’t even have the benefit of a lame host. Everyone was funny, and they fired on all cylinders.

Many jokes that come from a large group of people talking poorly translate to text. Some of the funniest bits from today’s panel will just have to be lost to those who weren’t there to witness them. Having said that, however, here are the best jokes that don’t have that problem:

*When asked if the brothers will be able to defeat this next season’s big bad, The Darkness:

Jared Padalecki: I think we’ll beat it. Because we’re not the LOSEchesters. Up top!


* Misha Collins to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki: Since the show started ten years ago, you guys have been growing up with the show and its fans.

Mark Sheppard: Hardly


* Why doesn’t Castiel ever get a bromance with Sam like the one he has with Dean?

Misha Collins: Because of our height difference.


* Mark Sheppard about his hamster co-star: I just want to say, that is the best and kindest actor I’ve worked with in ten years.

Hamster: Well to be fair, I was trapped in a cage and couldn’t escape. But thanks.


* Writer Andrew Dabb on whether or not Castiel will show up much in the new season.

Dab: Well we know Castiel’s not a fan favorite, so he’s really not involved.


* Jensen Ackles on what it’s like to direct his fellow co-stars: Jared knows his character so well. Mark knows his character so well. Misha’s still working on it.


* Jared Padalecki trying this joke for a fourth time: We’re not the LOSEchesters, right?

Jensen Ackles: The thing is we’re slowly turning into the Losechesters.


* Are there any monsters the cast was afraid of as a child that they then got to fight on the show?

Jared Padalecki: Bloody Mary for sure. Also the Hookman.

Jensen Ackles: REALLY!?

Jared Padalecki: Yeah.

Jensen Ackles: For me it was always the big thunder and lightening storms we had in Texas. They’d shake your whole house.

Jared Padalecki: REALLY!?

Jensen Ackles: Yeah. Cause it’s real.


As for news, no bombshells were dropped. The most important thing showrunner Jeremy Carver mentioned was a focus on Sam and Dean as a united team in the upcoming year, something that seriously makes me want to start watching the show again. That’s all we ever really wanted anyway.