SDCC: The X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Trailer Is So Exciting

And Magneto drops an F-bomb!

The entire enormous cast, as well as Bryan Singer, turned out for tonight's X-Men: Apocalypse panel, first introduced by Hugh Jackman, who brought up this picture on the Hall H screens and promised that he's playing Wolverine exactly one more time.

It's been fifteen years since Singer's first X-Men was released, and we saw a reel of behind-the-scenes footage, to which Jackman claimed that he's notably aged and can't keep playing the character. I don't see it. 

Then we moved on to X-Men: Apocalypse. The panel was high-energy and fun, led as always by the ineffable James McAvoy, who seems to elevate the mood of everyone around him. (More on his weird and hilarious Victor Frankenstein panel tomorrow.) Singer started the panel by telling us that the film "takes place ten years after Days of Future Past, in 1983, in an entirely new world. Mutants are now accepted thanks to the heroism of Raven, or Mystique."

Then we saw the world premiere of the trailer, which I really loved. It opens with Sophie Turner's Jean Grey dreaming of a nuclear blast, before she's woken by Charles. Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse growls in voiceover, "I’ve been called many things over many lifetimes: Ra, Krishna, Yahweh," and Rose Byrne's Moira MacTaggert tells Charles that she believes she's found the first mutant. Apocalypse continues his growling voiceover with "Everything they’ve built will fall and from the ashes of the world, we will build a better one." Then Magneto, standing in a hall, turns around and asks in horror, "Who the fuck are you?" Apocalypse replies, "Come and see," and there he is, Apocalypse, looking CRAZY, all giant suit and violet head. 

We hear that Apocalypse can control other mutants, and then we see several quick action scenes involving all of the mutants, plus Cerebro. At one point Magneto uses his powers to compel Charles in his wheelchair toward him, and Raven yells out, "Charles!" Then we see Charles in the Cerebro helmet again, as his eyes go black, saying, "I've never felt power like this before." The trailer ends with a reveal of bald Charles Xavier in the wheelchair, and it's pretty damn great. 

A little more from the panel:

"I'm more Raven" than Mystique in this film, says Jennifer Lawrence. "She didn't want to be the face of a world that doesn't exist anymore."

"He's kind of hung up his cape and his evil ways, and that's where we find him." - Michael Fassbender on Magneto.

To moderator Chris Hardwick's question, Nicholas Hoult: "I'm sorry, I can't concentrate because I'm still so psyched about the Deadpool trailer."

X-Men: Apocalypse arrives May 27, 2016. I officially can't wait.