Beautiful Danish Werewolf Film WHEN ANIMALS DREAM Arrives This Summer

I'm so happy you guys finally get to see this movie!

I saw Jonas Alexander Arby's beautiful werewolf film When Animals Dream last year at Fantasia International Film Festival and fell wholly in love; you can read my review here. So it's terrific news that the intimate horror film will soon be available to American audiences thanks to a theatrical and VOD release by Radius-TWC on August 28th. 

The film follows 16-year-old Marie, navigating the inexplicably hostile environment of her small Danish fishing town with a loving father and unresponsive mother. As Marie experiences changes in her body and mysterious deaths begin to surround her, she learns more about the town's history and her own. It's a gorgeous, smart, affecting poem of a werewolf movie, and I feared most audiences would never get to see it. Hooray for Radius for making this lovely film available!

Check out the new poster below: