HANNIBAL’s Comic-Con Trailer And Panel Now Available Online

It may give you a Tooth Fairy ache.

Despite Hannibal’s cancellation, the show’s Comic-Con panel was anything but a funeral dirge. You don’t even have to take my word for it. The whole thing is up for you to check out right now!

But maybe you don’t have time for all that and want to get to the real meat and potatoes of what the Hannibal panel had to offer. If that sounds like you, go ahead and check out the awesome trailer for the remainder of Hannibal season three, which, as I mentioned before, is pretty focused on Richard Armitage’s version of Francis Dolarhyde.

You guys are really lucking out. In my day, Comic-Con stuff stayed at Comic-Con for at least a week. Now, it’s all flowing onto the Internet, and everyone can enjoy it together! Get off my lawn.