Mark Duplass And Patrick Brice’s CREEP Is On Netflix - Watch It!

Duplass and Brice take found footage someplace new and terribly upsetting.

I reviewed Creep - from director Patrick Brice and writers Brice and Mark Duplass, both of whom star in the film - out of Fantasia last year, and it's stayed with me in the months since, a needling sort of presence in my mind every time I think of it. The movie, largely improvised, finds the deep discomfort within the found footage genre, exploiting how awkward and strange the entire concept can be, and turning it into full-blown horror. 

It's a really clever execution of a tired premise, and Duplass is a revelation in the role of Josef, a cheerful weirdo who hires videographer Aaron (Brice) to film a day in his life, a tangible memory that he can pass on to his unborn son once Josef has died of the cancer currently attacking his body. But Josef is hiding something dark, and Aaron's footage becomes increasingly troublesome as we watch it unfold.

Creep is now available to stream on Netflix, and you should. It's 82 minutes of nerve jangles. Check out the trailer below.