See The Final FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer Out Of Comic-Con

Including kiddo-sized Reed and Ben!

I wrote up the final Fantastic Four trailer out of SDCC, including some scoop from the panel, here, and now you can see the trailer for yourself.

As I said in my original recap, I love that we get a chance to see Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as kids. During the panel, Jamie Bell said of Grimm, "He's an everykid, like any kid in America. He's an outsider. He has only one friend in the world, which happens to be the genius Reed Richards...He's the muscle of the group, and I also think he's the heart of the group."

There's some resonance to seeing that friendship bud onscreen, and in watching these kids experiment with something powerful and possibly beyond them - an element that brings to mind Fantastic Four director Josh Trank's debut film Chronicle. If half of the spirit and fun of Chronicle translate to Fantastic Four, we're in good shape here.