The Afterlife’s A Beach In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Nicolas Godin, Julia Holter and Two Sheds in this week's music video roundup.

Countless are the reasons why “Widerstehe doch der Sünde” massages your eardrums so nicely. Its bones are over three-hundred years old and belong to one Johann Sebastian Bach. And this particular rendition has been delightfully repurposed by Nicolas Godin, who is one half of the forever essential French electronica duo Air. Now a show of hands will reveal “Cherry Blossom Girl” was once your Myspace profile song (just me then). In The Sacred Egg-helmed video for the cantata’s remix we become seaside spectators for a group of reanimated surfing champs (actual living pros out of South Africa: Simone Robb, Michael February and Matthew Moir) as they spend the day wrangling waves, blithely befriending a sizable school of sharks and frolicking fireside.

A charming sample of introspective ditties to come (in September) lie within experimental ambient-pop songstress Julia Holter’s “Feel You.” Regrettably, just catching on as the release of her fourth album is blazoned. Jose Wolff directs the following unhurried slice of life as the relationship between a sporadically domesticated lady and canine unfolds. In all life’s friendships the dance between giving one another mutual space to breathe and coupling when the feeling strikes is crucial, or at least that’s what the dog was telling me with his human eyes.

Through a bit of research I learned that Two Sheds formed over a dare between husband and wife and their album was the result of a challenge accepted to write twenty songs in twenty-four hours. The last thing my husband dared me to do was confront the drunk guy at a bar who pretended to shoot me in the back of the head with his plastic Big Buck Hunter rifle, so I get it. Director James Niebuhr proves to know his way around anamorphic lenses, particle animation and a full-on dance rapture in their short film set to the lead single from the band’s forthcoming LP Assembling. Dedicate a sliver of time to explore the interactive playground for the track where you may overstay your welcome with guests from the video. Note: I believe the gentleman in Room 2 would make a really great Santa.