Yep. Michael Cera Is Going To Be Robin In LEGO BATMAN

George Michael and Gob reunite in the least expected way possible.

We’ve had a few Robins already. Burt Ward defined the character. Chris O’Donnell embarrassed the character. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt was embarrassed by the character.

Now we have a new sidekick for Batman to kick around. According to THR, Michael Cera will play Robin in the upcoming Lego Batman. Voice acting only, of course.

This is actually great news. We already know Cera is great with comedy. Lego is great with Batman. And Cera has an already established character with his fellow Lego Batman voice actor, Will Arnett. What could be better? Actually, Jessica Walter as Alfred would be better. Let’s hope that happens too.

Chris McKay is directing Lego Batman from a script by Seth Grahame-Smith. The film is supposed to open February 10, 2017.