There’s A GOONIES Reboot Brewing

Ouch! Right in your miserable childhood.

It's so exciting to see Hollywood getting green as hell, allowing no waste at all. Every property, idea and concept is being rebooted and sequelized, letting no part of the animal go to waste. If it has been made it will be made again, as time in Hollywood is a flat circle. 

Two properties from the 80s that are on deck are Gremlins - as we have known for some time - and, it turns out, The Goonies. We knew that there was talk of another Goonies movie for years - like, since before Josh Brolin became a new era leading man - but that apparently isn't what ol' Hollywood is up to this time. Chris Columbus, who wrote the original, is involved in what he is calling a reboot: 

The stuff that I’m involved with — the Gremlins and Goonies reboots, for instance — they would do that without me. So, I’m staying involved just so I can be protective and actually protect what people love about those movies so it doesn’t go off track.

Who even knows what people love about The Goonies, an absolute garbage fire of a film, except for the fact that they saw it when they were 9. Maybe Columbus wants to make sure we can see the reboot when we're 9 somehow. 

Anyway, this is the first specific time someone has said 'reboot' and The Goonies in one sentence (as far as I know. I'm not tracking this with microscopic intensity). What does that mean? It's hard to say in the modern era - reboot is thrown around casually and without any real definition. If you asked me what a Goonies reboot was I would tell it would be a new movie featuring new young actors in the same basic roles as the original but not quite remaking the original movie. In the modern era a reboot could be anything, including what I would define as a sequel - a movie where the original Goonies are grown ups and their kids have an adventure. 

I will be watching the development process on the 'reboot' of The Goonies with great interest, as I like seeing people get outraged over stuff like this.