PACIFIC RIM 2 Shoots This Fall, Could Be Called MAELSTROM

The latest deets on the return of the Jaegers.

Guillermo del Toro recently said that he had to drop out of Justice League Dark because of a schedule conflict, that it was going up against Pacific Rim 2. If a new report in Canada's Global News is right then Warner Bros wanted JLD to start right away, as they're saying Pacific Rim 2 is shooting in November at Toronto's Pinewood Studios. 

The report also says that the working title is Maelstrom, although whether that's the production code name or the actual subtitle; the first film went under the name Still Seas while in production. I do think Pacific Rim: Maelstrom sounds totally kick-ass, though, and I welcome that as its title!

The new film will, according to Guillermo, focus much more on the kaiju this time - a welcome change, if you ask me. While I loved the Jaegers and their pilots, it felt weird watching a Guillermo del Toro movie that wasn't siding completely with the monsters.