Rob McElhenney To Go From IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY Blockheads To MINECRAFT Blockheads

This guy is really kicking some ass right now.

It’s Always Sunny co-star and co-creater and sole “got really fat for a year just because it was funny”-er Rob McElhenney just won’t be satisfied with that already great job title. He also wants to be a big time movie director. He already has a big family film called Figment coming down the pike. Now it looks like he’s going to direct Warner Bros’ Minecraft movie as well.

You may not remember this, but once upon a time Shawn Levy was going to make the Minecraft movie. Then that time ended when he walked away from the project due to creative differences with the Minecraft people. McElhenney apparently does not have this problem:

It’s still unclear exactly what type of movie this is going to be. And to be honest, my love for McElhenney doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to be a great director. But this is exciting news for It’s Always Sunny fans anyway. It feels a bit like our gross little show is now infecting the rest of the world. What a beautiful thing.