Of Course, SAN ANDREAS Director Brad Peyton Likely For RAMPAGE

Ok, time to start getting a little interested.

You already know The Rock is going to star in a big screen adaptation of the old school game, Rampage, a game where the entire world gets gleefully destroyed by Godzilla, King Kong, and (why not?) a giant Wolfman.

That’s probably good enough news for anyone, but today it gets better. According to Deadline, San Andreas director Brad Peyton is in talks to direct the film. As Devin already pointed out, the attitude that made San Andreas such a strange film morally will fight right in with this particular project. And as Devin also pointed out, if The Rock isn’t one of the big beasts, what are we even doing on this planet?

The script for Rampage is by Ryan Engle, writer of the goofy-ass Non-Stop. I’m honestly pretty excited about this one. It’s going to be stupid, but with luck it might end up being gloriously stupid, which is a whole different thing.