Cheerleaders Want Your Brains in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Soulless, reanimated cheerleaders await you.

Humbly snuggling hyperbole, I consider myself the planet’s most appreciable fan of spooky dancing, so until Todd Strauss-Schulson's The Final Girls graces the nation with its debut this October Lorn’s latest for “Acid Rain” will have to do. Newfangled Los Angeles-based collective, R113 direct dark electronica wizard Marcos Ortega’s latest with their sights set on a squad of soulless cheerleading corpses conjured from car wreckage in search of a midnight snack.  If this is a taste of what the trio has in store, I’ll be stalking them casually nary a restraining order to stop me.

Father and Sun’s “Here in the Rain” is merely a slice of a cinematically expansive opus created by German film score composer, Loy Wesselburg - no doubt worthy of a large-scale viewing. Filmmaker Vanessa Jopp has even adopted the album from whence it came in its entirety for the soundtrack to her latest, Lügen und andere Wahrheiten. I’m a Swartz, so I can tell you that loosely translates to “Lies” and that an at-home genetic kit might prove I’m only 2% German and had to Google the definition. Susanne Frericks and Anton Riedel co-directed this VFX and art-heavy beauty worth its salt in oohs and ahhs.

Stuff Like That There is a pretty ideal title for a record comprised of mostly covers (a la 1990’s Fakebook) and indie rock cult/critic best-loved Yo La Tengo can get away with it. Director Jason Woliner follows lead songster Georgia Hubley through the adorably apocalyptic streets of Hoboken as her stripped-down vocals prompt heart-shaped meteorites to obliterate bystanders into misty clouds of blood. The latter element sincerely puts the elementary level theater performance featured in the original video to further shame. It’s Friday, I’m in blood > love.