JURASSIC WORLD 2 Is Coming In 2018

There will be a new director, the same old writers.

Now that Jurassic World has become the third highest grossing movie ever (international, unadjusted for inflation) Universal has finally felt comfortable announcing a sequel. They just didn't feel right when it was still #4, but now that it's toppled The Avengers it's safe! The movie will be released on June 22, 2018.

What will happen in Jurassic World 2? Probably nothing good, seeing as how Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, the last guys to take a whack at the Jurassic World script, are writing this one. Trevorrow also directed Jurassic World, but he won't be back for the sequel. The thing is that while I found his directing lackluster it was truly his script that made Jurassic World among the worst movies of the year for me. Having Trevorrow and Connelly return to script does not fill me with hope, to be honest. 

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will also be back for another go-round (of course). Perhaps this movie can take a page from Son of Kong, the sequel to King Kong, which found impressario Carl Denham on the run from people who were trying to sue the shit out of him for bringing a rampaging giant ape to New York City. Maybe Jurassic World 2 can be a sequel in the vein of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*, where the movie is basically an apology for totally boning the tone the last time. Like perhaps someone will ask Pratt's character "Why didn't you check the tracking device in the I-Rex BEFORE going in the pen? Or why didn't you look at the video tape?" or they will ask Howard's character "Why did you build an I-Rex sized door in the pen? Why did you need to invent a crazy new killer dino if your park was clearly at capacity anyway? Why didn't you take proper safety precautions earlier? Didn't everybody die because you can't run a park properly?" I mean, forget the high heeled shoes that have become a meme. 

Hey, maybe it'll be good. 

* the actual title.