Kevin Bacon Becomes The Drafthouse’s Latest “Don’t Talk, Don’t Text” Spokesman

OFFICER Kevin Bacon, actually.

Over the years, the Alamo Drafthouse has welcomed a number of big-time celebrities into the "Don't Talk/Don't Text" club. Peter Bogdanovich, Mark Hamill, Simon Pegg, Michael Madsen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, former Texas Governor Ann Richards, Nick Frost, Danny DeVito, Jason Schwartzman, Edgar Wright, R. Lee Ermey, and many, many more belong to this club, each one of them a firm believer in you keeping your trap shut during a movie. Today, the "Don't Talk/Don't Text" club added Cop Car's Kevin Bacon, and...well, it's something to behold. Check it out:

God bless the Alamo Drafthouse. God bless Kevin Bacon. And God bless the weird Tim & Eric vibe I'm getting from this clip. A+ work, team.

Cop Car opens August 7th. We hear it's very good.