Eli Roth Goes Full GamerGate Pimping GREEN INFERNO

Apparently, his two-year-old movie is about SJWs.

Eli Roth's The Green Inferno is finally finding its way to theatres, and it's bringing with it a marketing campaign as tasteless as the movie itself.

The newest poster, tweeted out by Roth, features a severed hand clutching an iPhone bearing "satirical" hashtags like #JungleGate, #SocialJusticeForAll, and - most cringey of all - #IndigenousLivesMatter. The Green Inferno is about a bunch of do-gooder college bums who go to the Amazon to try to save it, before being eaten by the indigenous tribe they're trying to protect. It's a clever conceit, and could be terrific satire in the right hands. Eli Roth's hands - currently employed retweeting angry, SJW-hating GamerGaters - are not the right hands.

It's hardly surprising, given how, bragging like an '80s teen movie villain about introducing selfie culture to a hitherto untouched Amazonian tribe at The Green Inferno's Fantastic Fest 2013 screening, Roth emanated exactly the meatheaded douchebro vibe his movies do. I like the cycle of Italian cannibal films a lot, but there's something sneerily knowing about Roth's movie's dickheadedness that isn't present in those films.

Roth is engaging in old-school hucksterism: capitalising on and exploiting the topical issues of the day to sell his movie (even if the movie in question was made years ago). It's the kind of thing exploitation filmmakers have been doing for nearly a century, and it's surprising Roth hasn't invested in upchuck cups by now. I don't blame him for selling his movie - Social Justice Warriors are a hot-button issue, and the audience this strategy will attract is the right audience for this movie. And I'm all up in a huff about it, certainly, which is exactly what Roth wants as well. Congratulations, Eli!

Whether or not Roth truly believes what he's saying is beside the point, though. The point is that he's saying it, and aligning himself with full-on racists and GamerGaters ain't a good look, bro.