Star Trek Beyond-awesome Casting.

It’s hard to believe I’m saying this after the abysmal Star Trek into Darkness, but Star Trek Beyond keeps looking better and better. Above all, it has a director and writing team that knows exactly what to say to help everyone feel like the franchise might actually be in the right hands.

And it’s been no slouch when it comes to casting either. Idris Elba, for instance, will be in the film. That guy’s so great, he got a Golden Globe nomination for his work in Ghost Rider 2 according to my aunt. That lady is a Trivial Pursuit dynamo.

Today brings more good news. According to THR, Joe Taslim of The Raid and Fast and Furious 6 fame will join the film as well. We don’t know what type of alien he’s playing or how long he’ll last before getting killed, but he’s a serious badass, and it will be great seeing him in the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Beyond should come out July 8, 2016. Somehow, that is less than a year away.