THE SCORCH TRIALS Looks Like A Future Nostalgia Classic

Expect 20th anniversary articles about this movie.

I have said this before and I shall say it again: if The Maze Runner had come out in 1985 every website online would be doing big 30th anniversary celebrations of it. The movie, which is pretty good, is exactly in the vein of the kind of teen-oriented scifi that struck a collective chord for the 80s generation. It's weird to see those people, how adults (more or less) ignoring the latest iteration in the genre of 'pretty okay teen scifi.'

But The Maze Runner doesn't need you! It made enough money to come back for a sequel, the terribly titled The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and this time we have Littlefinger himself saying 'Tha Scorch!' in a very goofy accent. Also we have a sequel that does what I want to see from sequels: it goes someplace different! The kids that escaped from the maze in the first film haven't found themselves in yet another maze, they've found themselves in a post-apocalyptic hellscape in which they must survive. And judging by the new trailer it looks entertaining and slick!

The Maze Runner isn't going to change your life, but I think it's exactly the sort of reasonable entertainment we should be supporting. It's not quite smart but it ain't dumb, the kids are interesting, the concepts aren't total rehashes and children die. You should check it out and then get interested in The Scorch Trials